With New Wireless Charging Hearing Aids now priced under $100, old time hearing aid retail stores are furious!

Rachel Banton |
Wireless Hearing Aid

The biggest names in retail hearing aids like Miracle Ear, Siemens and Oticon have been around for nearly 100 years. And their outdated retail model, and outrageous pricing game has largely stayed the same — and gone on for too long consumers say.

Especially in tough economic times, people no longer can, or want, to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for hearing aids that you can get for $100 — offering the same crisp, clear hearing, and even wireless charging.

Not to mention, traditional, old fashioned hearing aid companies require customers to make an appointment to visit a hearing aid retail center in order to get what they need at sky high prices.

But now, one company has disrupted the hearing aid industry and ushered in a New Era of Hearing Aids with a way to get high-quality hearing aids with NO visit, and without spending thousands of dollars.

Oricle Hearing’s goal was to merge quality with affordability in the world of hearing aids. And to help people discover the joy of clear conversations without the hefty price tag.

Sound Excellence

People often ask if $100 hearing aids can really be as good as $5,000 prescription hearing aids.

An Oricle spokesman said, “Our hearing aids don’t have all the bells and whistles of $5,000 hearing aids, but they DO provide all the features you NEED to improve your hearing. And they cost 95% less than prescription hearing aids. But best of all, they work WELL for our 150,000+ customers. And if anyone doesn’t like them, they can return them for a refund.”

Oricle now has a reputation for unrivaled sound excellence along with something new, convenient and fast USB wireless charging. So you can charge them at home, in the car, on a plane or anywhere you need some more battery life.

And Oricle hearing aids have an impressive, fast-charging, 20-hour, all-day battery life so most people simply choose to charge them at night while they sleep. That way, they never run out of sound and avoid “battery life anxiety.”

With Oricle’s revolutionary technology, anyone who needs hearing help can rediscover the joy of hearing every word with perfect clarity. Thanks to their advanced capabilities, Oricle users can now have consistent and superior audio clarity.  And there’s no need for a doctor or hearing test to hear every word in unmatched comfort.

Here is what some of the hundreds of thousands of people say who have used Oricle Hearing Aids, and can now hear again without spending thousands of dollars:

Hear in Seconds

Oricle now offers something giant hearing aid companies cannot, better affordable hearing in seconds.

Advanced  Oricle engineering offers people who need a hearing boost a lifetime of better hearing with advanced features like … Perfect Volume Tuning … Premium Sound … Superior Oricle Chip Technology … and Comfortable Fit Wear.

Their patented, comfortable design is as small as possible, while keeping the best sound quality — To fit any ear size. And Oricle hearing aids ship fast from their U.S.-based location in Tampa, Florida.

Right now, Oricle is offering a huge, limited-time promotional

discount for their wireless charging hearing aids.

This promotion is only for a limited time, and regular prices will return once the current inventory runs out.

It’s important to know that there are many cheap knock offs that looks like the Oricle Hearing Aids, or promise performance and hearing quality, but can’t back it up.                            

You can only get the Oricle Hearing Aids online, and not in stores. They ship from the U.S. so you’ll get your order fast.  And the online reviews are amazing.  Most people have nothing but great things to say about them.  Which gives people confidence in buying them, knowing they aren’t going to break after a week.

Oricle is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So anyone who doesn’t absolutely love them, can simply send them for a full refund.        

With high demand, supplies are limited. This offer won’t last for long, so be sure to follow the link below to claim your NOW before supplies run out.

As of Monday, January 08, 2024* – Due to it’s popularity and positive reviews, Oricle is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time $50 discount to new customers! To claim Oricle $50 off while supplies last, check availability with the button below.

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Customer Reviews
Customer 1

I just love these, I can hear crystal clear. My confidence has been restored.

Grandma Jean
Chicago, IL
Customer 2

These discreet hearing aids are unnoticeable. I can talk with my grandchildren and friends without having to have them talk into my ear.

Bob Johnson
Atlanta, GA
Customer 3

I bought these for my husband, because he was denying his hearing was bad. He has thanked me for getting these for him and he is back to his normal lifestyle.

Gwyne Knightly
Los Angeles, CA
Customer 4

Wow, these work great! I'm so surprised with the crisp sounds I can hear with no ringing or disruptive background noise

Mark Brown
Cleveland, OH
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