Wear Hearing Aids Or Suffer From a ‘Rusted’ Brain?

Sunday, October 01, 2023 | By Amy Johnson

When my hearing started going, I thought my life was over.

I felt groggy, sluggish, and like I was completely disconnected from the world. It was awful! I was only in my early 60s, and I was feeling like a decrepit old lady.

I don’t know when it started, but I knew it was getting worse all the time. 

I was having trouble keeping up with conversations with loved ones, had to turn the volume on the TV so loud it was bothering my neighbors, and was in constant fear that someone would break into my house or attack me on the street and I would never hear them coming.

My life was slowly but surely turning into a nightmare.

I thought that’s just the way it was when we got older, and that there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it.

But one day, when I was surfing over the internet, looking at my normal senior social media groups, when I saw something terrifying…

That hearing loss is connected to cognitive decline! Losing my hearing was bad enough, but losing my mind? Losing my memories, my thoughts, my connection to myself?

I couldn’t think of a worse fate.

I decided then and there that I was going to have to do something about my hearing, before it was too late.

I dug deep in my internet research, and learned more than I ever wanted to know about the inner workings of our ears. I learned that while it is normal for our ears to decline in our golden years, there’s no reason to let ourselves go. That’s how many people end up in the nursing home!

And when I started looking at hearing aids, I was shocked to find that they cost $5,000- $7,000—EACH!! No way I could afford that on my fixed income. But then I found an obscure medical article written by an audiologist about a new kind of hearing device, called Oricle

What is Oricle Hearing Aid? 

OricleHearingAids are scientifically engineered aids that are finally affordable and reliable.

Declining hearing has long been known to be one of the most harmful side effects of aging, because of the tight connection between our ears and our brains.

After years of development and designs, the folks at Oricle found the ultimate size and shape to optimize the power of ears in a state of mild to moderate hearing loss, while at the same time, being discreet and easy to use anywhere at anytime!

So, How Does it Work?

OricleHearingAids have done what every innovator tries to do—they have combined natural, proven biological technology, with modern scientific engineering to boost hearing.

The Oricle Hearing Device helps aid the incredible natural tools that our ears are. It blocks out the messy white noise that interferes with proper hearing—like whistling, buzzing, and roaring. It’s been known for a long time that if we could just dampen or eliminate those white noises, our hearing would be much improved.

Improving hearing can even keep us safe from nasty criminals, who desperately try to take advantage of people they see as easy targets. In these days, it pays to be careful.

Once the white noises are eliminated, the Oricle works to boost the softer, specific natural sounds. That we want to hear, like the laughter of our grandchildren, our loved ones speaking to us, and our phones ringing or TV shows playing. And no need to worry about cords or wires interrupting the day—they hold a charge all day long!

But, you might be thinking, is it really worth the hype?

Short answer—yes!

OricleHearingAids are just as effective as the hearing aids that we can get at the doctor’s office, and are safer and more cost effective than any of them.

We can get the powerful, ultimate hearing power with Oricle for pennies on the dollar!

For less than the cost of a couple nights out of town, we can keep our hearing strong and stable.

Just check out what these verified Oricle Hearing Device customers have to say:

Emily Sanders

“My declining hearing was really starting to affect my life. I had to stop conversations all the time to ask what the heck was going on, and I could tell that it was a frustrating and scary experience for my family to see me acting like a withered old lady! And when I found out that there was a connection between hearing and my brain, I knew it was time to take action before it was too late for me. When I found out from my friend’s husband, who is an audiologist, about Oricle, I decided to give it a shot. And WOW!!! I feel like I’m in my 20s again—hearing everything clearly and sharply, and keeping up in conversations once again.”

Daniel Henry

“Watching my mom decline was horrible! She had always been such a happy, vibrant, and brilliant woman. But as she got older, her decline was becoming obvious to everyone around her and embarrassing for her. She was having trouble keeping up in conversations and paying attention to what was going on at church. I knew that we had to do something when I heard some other ladies whispering about a nursing home. I did some research online and found Oricle, and decided to try it since there was a money back guarantee. And boy howdy, am I glad I did!! My mom’s once again feeling like she did before her hearing decline, and everyone’s so happy to spend time with her.”

Rose Jansen

“When my mom’s hearing started going, she started feeling paranoid all the time that she was going to be attacked. Because she couldn’t hear very well, what she did hear was intruders lurking around every corner! She started being afraid of the world, and it was so sad to see. Finally, a friend recommended Oricle, and now my mom’s not hearing things anymore. Now, she feels calm and sure of herself, and her constant anxiety is down. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent!”

After reading those testimonials, I was really starting to think that OricleHearingAids would work for me.

And when I saw that there was a money-back guarantee, I knew I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I ordered one for each ear right away. I wasn’t going to take any chances!

When I got my Oricles, I couldn’t wait to try them.

They were so easy to get set on the right volume, and felt comfortable but stable in my ears. I was also pleased and surprised to see how discreet they were—I would have to get somebody to literally stare into my ear to be able to see them. It was easy to feel like a normal, happy person, and not feel like everyone I saw was staring at my old ears.

Even better—I was hearing better than I had in YEARS! I was able to easily follow conversations with loved ones, watch the TV, and hear the phone ring, without any annoying whistling or feedback.

The change in my quality of life was immediate and long-lasting. Instead of feeling like I was on the fast track to the nursing home, I felt bright, chipper, and ready to take on the world once again. I was ready to remain independent in my golden years!

How much does it cost?

Our mission is to bring the gift of hearing back to every American that’s life has been affected with hearing loss. Right now we are discounting Oricle Hearing Aids 86% of the original cost while we still can. A pair of Oricle Hearing Aids are only $279.99!

Are they worth it?

If you’re like me then ABSOLUTELY yes.

Considering that you would pay more than $2000 for an equivalent set, this is really a no brainer!

WARNING: Current stock levels on Oricle Hearing Device are low

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Highly recommend to all those looking to boost their hearing for whatever reason

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I've tried plenty of hearing aids before, and none worked quite as well as these. And a great price point too!

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Hoop-lah I can finally hear again!!!

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These were great for letting me get into my favorite music again. A good sound system is only so good when I can barely hear to begin with.

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